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White Card Course Perth

White Card Course Training Centre Western Australia

  • Course Code: CPCWHS1001 (Supersedes CPCCWHS1001)
  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Location: Perth CBD
  • Cost: $125 (Includes White Card & Statement of Attainment)
  • Requirements: Applicants must be 18 or over

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Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

All workers in the construction sector in Australia, including those with working holiday visas, must have a White Card. The certificate attests to the successful completion of the ‘Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCWHS1001’ course, which has been granted official recognition by a registered body in the nation.

The National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work specifies that those requiring a White Card include

  • Construction labourers
  • Tradespeople
  • Site managers
  • Supervisors
  • Surveyors
  • People who access operational construction zones unaccompanied or unsupervised
  • Workers who routinely enter operational construction zones

General Information

Working on construction sites in Australia’s construction industry requires obtaining a White Card accreditation. White cards, which are nationally recognised, are issued by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), and WorkSafe WA may ask employees to present documentation of their accreditation or the PCBU to show records of their induction training or other worker competencies. Pre-reading theory and practical evaluation are both a part of our construction induction training. The “At Home” quiz and prereading can be finished on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

How Can I Get a White Card in WA?

You must first finish a White Card course in order to receive the White Card. The necessary unit of competency is CPCWHS1001. You will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to prove your capacity to employ risk control strategies and operate safely on a construction site by finishing the course. 

Our company offers on-site training sessions guided by an experienced trainer with in-depth familiarity pertaining to relevant laws, occupational health and safety standards, and practises unique to the Australian construction sector. These instruction sessions take place in person. You will obtain your white card the same day you complete your construction induction training with us, enabling you to start working in the sector right away.

How Long Is the White Card Course in WA?

In Western Australia, a White Card course typically lasts 6 hours. You acquire the abilities and information necessary to prove your capacity to recognise and control risks on a construction site during this training.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a White Card in WA?

The cost of the White Card course in Western Australia varies between RTOs. On average, it ranges from $99 to $150.

Why Is It Important to Do White Card Training Face To Face?

The requirement for face-to-face training with a recognised training organisation rather than online must be noted. Although some training organisations provide a white card course online, completing the training in person is vital to guarantee that you acquire the right instruction and practical experience in the construction sector. 

Attending a face-to-face training session will allow you to ask questions, clarify doubts, and receive immediate feedback from the trainer, allowing you to prepare to work safely.

White Card WA Online Training

It is crucial to receive the most current Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) information, which can only be provided through face-to-face training such as CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction. Online training platforms are typically not updated regularly and do not offer the latest information. 

The instructor can modify the course in a face-to-face classroom to accommodate your needs, such as language, literacy, and numeracy support. Conversely, because a practical evaluation cannot be conducted, online training is frequently rigid and doesn’t give the same amount of customization.

Face-to-face training offers plenty of opportunities for group debates and topic clarification because interaction is a key component of learning.

Online training, on the other hand, may make you feel isolated and decrease your chances of success. Additionally, WHS authorities across the country may not acknowledge online training, and some employers may reject your White Card and demand that you enrol in a face-to-face course.

During on-site inspections, WHS inspectors may refuse your card because they are aware of the universities that use online instruction. 

Additionally, it can be difficult to verify your identity online, which is required for the White Card application. If this happens, your application could be rejected.

Does White Card expire in Western Australia?

As long as an individual stays consistently employed within the construction industry, the general construction induction training card (previously known as a white card) that was issued to them will remain valid.

Do I need a White Card in WA?

A White Card is issued as proof following the successful completion of a General Construction Induction course or White Card course. Everyone who now works in or aspires to work in the construction business must meet this criteria.

How do I get a new white card in WA?

To obtain a new White Card in Western Australia (WA), you can follow these steps:

  1. Enrol in a General Construction Induction training course with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) approved by WorkSafe Western Australia.
  2. Successfully complete the training course and assessment from CPCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry 

What does a White Card entitle you to?

You can legally enter and safely work on construction sites if you have a white card WA. The card attests to the fact that you’ve finished the training required to comprehend the dangers and risks associated with doing construction work, as well as how to prevent accidents and react effectively in the event that one does happen.

You are permitted to work on construction projects everywhere in Australia because the White Card is acknowledged across the country. It is crucial to keep in mind that different states and territories could have extra criteria. Therefore, it is best to consult the appropriate authorities before beginning work on a construction site.

Is a construction induction card the same as a White Card?

White cards, also known as General Construction Induction cards, attest to your completion of the training necessary to operate safely on construction sites. Your nationally recognised training certificate is essentially what it is.

For those who desire to work in Australia’s construction industry, it is a prerequisite.